alchemyofstone asked:

Hey Chuck, just wanted to thank you, first of all, for writing your books. They've gotten me through some rough patches in my depression and anxiety. I still remember sitting in the nurse's office of my high school reading Invisible Monsters during a panic attack. Now I'm starting college, and I still love spending time reading your work. Anyway, my question is: who is your favorite character that you've written?

chuckpalahniuk answered:

Here’s a touching recent experience.  At Comic Con, on the last day, as things were being hauled away, I saw a young woman sitting on the floor in the crowded lobby of the Marriott Hotel.  She was head-down over a paperback, and it reminded me of my entire youth spent reading like that.  Books were like a fire exit when shit got too intense, and seeing her made me want to write even wilder, more engaging stuff. 

She broke my heart because she could’ve been me forty years ago.  That said, my new favorite character is a withered hag of a sex witch called ‘Baba Grey-Beard’ in the next book, ‘Beautiful You.’  I want to create characters who can distract you from even the worst real-life junk.